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Sonic Diffusers are mathematically designed to have the unique objective of scattering (diffusing) reflected sound equally in all directions. They create a unique visual element as well. 

  • Size:   2ft x 2ft x 4.5in
  • Weight:  35lbs per/unit
  • Frequency Response Range: 1250Hz - 10K


Each diffuser is hand built by our team in North Carolina. We build every diffuser with care, love and attention to every last detail.

Each well (block) is hand sanded and secured using a premium wood glue then finish nailed to a thick premium durable birch plywood backing.

Every well (block) is sized & placed methodically, based off of a specific primitive root equation for acoustic diffusion - to optimize the effectiveness of each panel.  

Every single diffuser well (block) is stained by hand with a BEAUTIFUL Gunstock wood stain to create a stunning finish and a truly unique panel.


Sonic Diffusers will make a significant improvement acoustically & visually to studio rooms, live music rooms, theater spaces, mastering rooms, restaurants, venue stages, etc.

Sonic Diffusers create a beautiful visual aesthetic while superior management of reverberation, harsh reflections and flutter echo.

"Flutter echo" is a hollow or "metallic" echo effect that honks at particular frequencies or discrete repeats. Acoustic (absorption) panels will control these issues by removing acoustic energy, but you might be interested in diffusion as a way to address this acoustical problem— especially if your space is already on the small and/or "dead" side. Diffusion will help to increase a rooms perceived sonic space.

Because of their unique design, our Sonic Diffusers work great in near field and far-field applications - even at oblique angles!


Acoustic Diffusers allow encountered sound waves to continue reverberating freely - while breaking up & evenly dispersing the reflections (evenly) throughout a room. This drastically improves the acoustical properties within a room because direct reflections (sound bouncing back in forth from a wall to the opposite wall over and over again) are what most commonly cause decreased sonic intelligibility & prolonged reverberation.

What Are Custom Installation Cleats? 

Sonic Diffusers are much heavier than standard Acoustic Panels, therefore we recommend adequate mounting hardware. This is why we offer custom mounting cleats.

Our custom made Panel Cleats are the best method to utilize when hanging heavy acoustic / diffusion panels. Using this method will save you A LOT time when installing your diffusers and will guarantee they're mounted properly & secure! 

A "panel cleat" will be pre mounted onto the back of each panel.

A corresponding "wall cleat" will also be included inside of the box with your order.

Simply hang the provided "wall cleat" wherever you desire the panel to be placed on the wall.Secure the wall cleat to a stud when/where possible. Wall anchors will substitute where necessary. 

Sonic Diffusers will also help with correcting audio phase issues created within your room. 

Phase problems are typically caused by the shape of a room and how audio is responding within it. Direct audio reflections caused by square/rectangular shaped rooms almost always create "peaks and nulls" in distinctive frequencies at various locations within that room.

"Nulls" develop when the amplitude (volume) of different frequencies significantly decrease in specific areas within the room. This occurs when the phasing of a reverberating audio wave meets an opposing wave formation at the same frequency causing a perceived decrease in that particular frequency. This phenomena is commonly referred to as "phase cancelation".  

"Peaks" develop when the amplitude (volume) of different frequencies significantly increase in specific areas within the room. This occurs when the phasing of a reverberating audio wave meets a corresponding wave formation at the same frequency causing a perceived increase in that particular frequency.

Peaks and Nulls cause audio within a room to not be accurately and evenly represented everywhere throughout the room. Having different levels of perceived frequencies at certain locations is extremely problematic in any critical listening, recording or mixing environment. Diffusers will aid in reducing/correcting peaks and nulls within your room. Especially when placed or installed at critical reflection points within the room.

If you have any questions about how our Sonic Diffusers can help you achieve the best acoustical environment for your room - or if you are interested in a customization inquiry please feel free to contact us. 



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