Bed Room

Acoustically Treating a Bed Room

Acoustically treating a bedroom can help decrease the transmission of sound from that room to the other rooms in your house. You will also get the added benefit of increased voice intelligibility and Sonic Clarity. This means that conversation, movies, music, all sounds in the room will be heard with more clarity. This also means that sounds within the room will be perceived quieter outside of the room. Acoustical panels will not completely sound proof your bedroom (Soundproofing needs to be addressed during the construction process by densely insulating all walls internally with acoustical insulation or high compression foam) However they will absorb and significantly decrease sound transmissions within your room. 

Installing your panels on the wall you don't want sound to transfer through is the first step. This will give you the most effective results for decreasing sound transmissions. Especially if your budget only allows for a few panels. Installing panels on other walls within the room is certainly beneficial. Placing panels on the other walls is the next step and will help improve overall acoustics within your room. We recommend a minimum of 15% total coverage to improve the acoustic quality of your room.

To calculate 15% room coverage simply multiply the room's total square footage (length x width) dimensions by .15    The resulting number is how many square feet (sq/ft) of acoustical treatments you will need to achieve a beneficial change in the rooms acoustical properties. Remember 15% coverage is the minimum requirement and it is usually a good idea to exceed the minimum requirement to greatly enhance the acoustical properties within your room. 

Note: You need to account for the ceiling height when determining your rooms requirements. The previous equation is for room's that have an 8ft-10ft ceilings. So for every extra 8ft increase in room height, your treatment requirements double. If you have a 16ft ceiling multiply the final number by (2). If you have a 24ft ceiling multiply your final number by (3). This will ensure that your room is getting adequate coverage. 
If you have any questions about calculating the requirements for your particular room please fill out our FREE ROOM ANALYSIS FORM. You can also send photos of your room to - Or you can call us to discuss your rooms requirements between 9am-9pm et. @ (336) 684-0287
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