Conference Room

Acoustically Treating a Conference Room

Acoustically treating your conference room will provide your company and/or business many added benefits during meetings. Acoustic panels will increase voice and speech intelligibility. They will also add a professional ambience and look to your conference room. Sound absorption panels can help increase privacy by decreasing sound transmission from one room to another. Last but not least, acoustic panels will increase the thermal efficiency of the room in which they have been installed. Saving you money on energy costs. 

Wall panels or ceiling cloud panels placed around or above the conference table/speaking area are the best course of action. the amount of panels needed depends on the amount of available wall space in the room. If the architecture of the room doesn't allow for wall panels then ceiling cloud panels will be an excellent solution. If space and budget permit, go with both. This will provide the most acoustical benefits and will help treat reverberations at multiple reflection points in the room. 
We recommend a bare minimum of 15% room coverage for a conference/meeting room. Since the volume and velocity level of the human voice is not very loud in comparison to live music and live instruments, our 1.5in panels will be sufficient for improving voice clarity & treating your conference room. However, thicker panels will increase the amount of sound absorption by each panel. So if sound reduction is the desire - a thicker panel may be beneficial. 
To calculate 15% room coverage simply multiply the square footage (length x width) dimensions of the room by .15 
The resulting number is how many square feet (sq/ft) of acoustical treatments you will need to achieve a beneficial change in the rooms acoustical properties. Remember 15% coverage is the minimum requirement and it is usually a good idea to exceed the minimum requirement to greatly enhance the acoustical properties of your room. 
Note: Remember that you need to account for the ceiling height when determining your rooms requirements. The previous equation is for room's that have an 8ft-10ft ceilings. So for every extra 8ft increase in room height, your treatment requirements double. If you have a 16ft ceiling multiply the final number by (2). If you have a 24ft ceiling multiply your final number by (3). This will ensure that your room is getting adequate coverage. 
If you have any questions about calculating the requirements for your particular room please fill out our FREE ROOM ANALYSIS FORM. You can also send photos of your room to - Or you can call us to discuss your rooms requirements between 9am-9pm et. @ (336) 684-0287
Our acoustics experts are here to help! We promise to help you find the BEST possible solution for your rooms needs!