Class Room / Teaching Space

Acoustically Treating a Class Room / Teaching Space

Acoustically treating a classroom is one of the most beneficial things you can do to enhance the quality of the education received in that class. 

Why? excessive reverberation decreases speech intelligibility. Most of today's classrooms have a terrible acoustical environment. In a typical classroom setup, speech intelligibility has decreased by 50% by fourth row of seating. This means students (especially students in the back) have to listen twice hard to hear what the teachers are saying. This increases mental and listening fatigue. Countless Studies have shown that students studying in an acoustically treated environment make better grades. The reason for this is simple, they can hear their instructor clearly. Not only is there a positive impact on students performance but teachers can benefit from an acoustically treated class as well. Studies have also shown that a teacher's heart rate reacts in direct proportion to the volume levels in there classroom. This simply means a louder room is more stressful on the teacher. Acoustically treating your class room will reduce echo, volume and reverberation. This will create a healthier environment for instructors to teach in and provide a positive impact on a teacher's long-term mental and physical health. 
When it comes to acoustically treating a classroom we recommend 20% room coverage to achieve a substantial increase in speech intelligibility. To calculate this, simply multiply the square footage (room length X room width) dimensions of the classroom by .20 
The resulting number is how many square feet of acoustical treatments you will need to dramatically enhance speech intelligibility. If the classroom has ceilings that are extra high (11ft - 20ft height) then you will need to multiply the square footage by .35 to account for the extra ceiling height. You may find that your classroom doesn't have enough available wall space for the suggested amount of acoustical treatments because of Windows, Doors, chalkboards, whiteboards, cubbies etc. If this is the case, then an acoustical ceiling baffle is the solution to make up for the lack of available wall space. These can be installed on virtually any ceiling and they are perfect for installing acoustic panels in a room where space is limited. 
We offer four treatment options for acoustically treating a class rom at four different price points. 
Option 2. FULL WALL

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