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Frequency Coefficient Range: 600Hz - 4000Hz  
Weight: 50lbs
Dimensions: 2ft x 2ft x 8in
(Actual - 24.5in x 24.5in x 8in)


Each diffuser is hand built by our team in North Carolina. We build every diffuser with care, love and attention to every last detail.

Each well (block) is sized & placed methodically, based off of a  primitive root equation for acoustic diffusion - to optimize effectiveness of the panel.  

These colossal skyline diffusion panels are fabricated using Western Red Cedar - Commonly used for acoustic instrument & guitar making. This results in a uniquely beautiful panel with appreciable visual characteristics and distinguished sonic attributes. Every single diffuser well (block) is stained by hand with a BEAUTIFUL Golden Pecan wood stain to create a stunning finish and a truly unique panel.

Next Generation's exclusive Goliath Diffusers are designed to be visually beautiful, structurally durable and have the unique objective of scattering (diffusing) low & mid range frequency sounds equally in all directions. 

These diffusers are mathematically designed to diffuse and scatter mid-range / treble frequencies equally in all directions. The acoustic diffusion wells are calculated using a primitive root equation for diffusion. 


Goliath Diffusers will make a significant improvement acoustically & visually to studio rooms, live music rooms, theater spaces, mastering rooms, restaurants, venue stages, etc.

Goliath diffusers will help in taming muddy mid-range and low end frequencies within your room. They will allow sound to move freely - but will break up & evenly disperse sound reflections throughout the room. This can significantly improve acoustical properties in your space. This is due to the occurrence of direct reflections (sound bouncing back in forth from a wall to the opposite wall over and over again) being what causes decreased sonic intelligibility when it comes to reverberating frequencies inside of a room. 

Goliath Diffusers also help with correcting phase issues caused by the shape of your room and how audio is responding within it. Direct reflections caused by square/rectangular shaped rooms can create "peaks and nulls" in distinctive frequencies at various locations within a room.

These nulls develop when the amplitude of different frequencies significantly decrease in specific areas within the room. This occurs when the phasing of a reverberating audio wave meets an opposing wave formation at the same frequency causing phase cancelation. This means that the audio in your room is not being accurately represented and will have different perceived levels at different locations in the room. Our Goliath diffusers will aid in fixing this issue - especially in mid-range & treble frequencies. 

Peaks and Nulls cause audio within a room to not be accurately and evenly represented everywhere throughout the room. Having different levels of perceived frequencies at certain locations is extremely problematic in any critical listening, recording or mixing environment. Diffusers will aid in reducing/correcting peaks and nulls within your room. Especially when placed or installed at critical reflection points within the room.



These panels are heavier than standard acoustic panels and require adequate mounting hardware. Therefore each Sonic Diffuser panel comes with FREE custom mounting cleats. 

A "panel cleat" will be pre mounted onto the back of each panel. A corresponding "wall cleat" will also be included inside of the box with your order. Simply hang the provided "wall cleat" wherever you desire the panel to be placed on the wall.

Secure the wall cleat to a stud when/where possible. Wall anchors will substitute where necessary. Our custom panel cleats are made by hand in our shop & are cut to the exact specs of your Sonic Diffuser panel's framing. Our custom made Panel Cleating is the best method to utilize when hanging heavy acoustic / diffusion panels. Utilizing this method will save you A LOT time when installing your Sonic Diffuser and will insure they're mounted properly & secure.  

If you aren't sure which product/diffuser is best suited to help you achieve the best acoustical environment within your space feel free to contact us at


Or fill out our Free Room Analysis form and submit it to us. We will contact you with a detailed approach toward acoustically treating your entire space.