How to make the BASS sound BETTER in your room and mixes!

Are you struggling to get the bass sounding "just right” in your mixes?! 808’s getting muddy? Kick drum getting lost? Too much bass when you check another speaker systems?! Not enough bass?

What to do what to do?!?! No fear! In the video below we cover 5 BIG things you might be doing that are negatively affecting the low end clarity (and quality) in your mixes! And the coolest part is all five of these things that YOU can do - have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with treatment and will NOT cost you anymore money than what you already have invested into your studio, room and equipment!


1. Room set up

2. Improper EQ

3. Using the wrong plug-ins/effects on low end frequency instruments (reverb)

4. Improper Gain Staging

5. Choosing the wrong instruments & sounds

Honorable Mention: Room Acoustics & Bass Traps

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