What is a panel tracking system & do I need it for my room?

Next Generation Acoustics exclusive panel tracking system it the BEST solution for installing multiple acoustic panels/diffusers at a level height. Once installed you can easily move your panels anywhere along the tracking system effortlessly. (Think track lighting but for acoustic panels!) This will make the installation process much easier if you are installing multiple acoustic panels across a wall/room. 

7 Benefits of panel tracking:

  1.  Allows you to easily ADD panels anywhere on the track to INCREASE absorption in a particular area.
  2.  Allows you to easily MOVE/REMOVE panels anywhere on the track to DECREASE absorption in a particular area.
  3.  Easy removal of panels for cleaning/maintenance
  4.  Easier faster installation (opposed to marking and leveling each panel)
  5.  More sturdy than other installation options
  6.  Does not require you to impale or tare into the acoustical insulation of the panel to install
  7. Panel tracks have multiple finish options and look great!

You can hang up to (4) large/medium column panels on every 8ft section of panel tracking.  Ex. An order of 16 large column panels would require at least 32ft of panel tracking. Tracking systems include panel cleats that install onto the back side frame of your acoustic panels. The panel cleats are what allows your acoustic panels to attach to the tracking. 

Shipping options:

5ft track length w/ 2 panel cleats included, screws included. ($17.50 + Shipping)

8ft track length w/ 4 panel cleats included, screws included. ($28.00 + Shipping) 


Installing your NGAcoustics panels is a simple two step process. NGAcoustics panel tracking makes the process of installing your panels quick and easy! Our panel tracking system looks great and can be worked into any rooms existing trim or crown molding designs.


Installing The Panel Tracks

When installing the panel tacks, hang the track level at the desired height/location. Liquid adhesive goes on the side of the track that is facing the wall.
1.25in-1.50in finish nails secured every 12in-16in are ideal for securing your track to the wall.


Hanging Your Panels

Once you track has been installed, you are ready to install the cleats onto the back of your panels. Once the cleats have been secured to the panel frames, the panels will easily secure to the tracks.



More layers of tracking can be hung to create multiple levels of panels. Panels can also be installed horizontally onto panel tracks instead of vertically.



Panels can be cleaned with warm water and damp cloth.

They should be periodically cleaned to remove dust and to enhance the visual properties of the acoustical panels.

If you have any question about our exclusive modular panel tracking systems, feel free to leave a comment below or message us directly! 


  • Yes Scott, any size acoustic panel we offer (Or any other company’s panels) will fully integrate into our panel tracking system. Once the “panel cleat” has been installed onto the acoustic panel’s frame you can hang any size/thickness acoustic panel along the tracking. You can even hang diffusers from the panel tracking system!

  • What if I want to order a few different acoustic panel sizes, would your tracking system work for that?


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