Ultimate Acoustic Design Service

Ultimate Acoustic Design Service

Next Generation Acoustics

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Work with our design team to fully optimize your room’s acoustic & aesthetic properties! 

In need of guidance acoustically designing your room? Let us help! We have extensive experience acoustically designing all types of rooms.


To ensure proper product usage, placement and transparent effectiveness. We will replicate your room in our software and send you a complete acoustic design plan!
The images and videos provided in this service will act as placement guidelines when installing your treatment. They also provide a complete visualization of how the treatment will look when installed in your room.

Simply follow the 4 steps BELOW:

1.) Fill out and submit an analysis form here:

2.) Submit photos of your room to:

NOTE: Please take these from each corner showing as much of the space as possible. 

3.) (Optional)

NOTE: This step is recommended for Recording Facility (Live Rooms, ISO Rooms, Control Rooms) Live music Venues & critical listening environments only. 


If you don’t yet own an audio interface or XLR/USB microphone to use with this program, simply download the mobile app called: “ClapIR”

ClapIR is currently available for free in the mobile App Store. Please submit both the “Spectra” results and the “RT Response” data. We recommend taking the average of 20 claps within the room. If you need additional help send over your questions to:  Info@NextGenerationAcoustics.com or call (336)684-0287

4. "Add To Cart" at the top of the page and fill out payment info etc.


Ex. If you are have a studio designed and it has a control room, iso-room and live room that would be a quantity of three room designs.

CONGRATULATIONS NOW YOU ARE READY TO GO! Once we have received and reviewed the submitted information, we will respond with the following within 3-5 business days:

    • A full acoustic design custom tailored to the specific needs of your room.


    • 2D Blueprint Installation Plan (to scale) showing the precise layout and spacing of the acoustic treatment. 

    • Replica of you room with the Proposed Design Solutions.  


        • 3D video walk-through of your room with the proposed custom acoustic design's layout.


          • Personal link detailing the results of your room’s analysis, outlining every product and quantity in the design, the required installation hardware, the breakdown of your room's coverage requirements and placement of the products in each design, and the cost breakdown for your specific project. You can also purchase your personal room’s treatment here by clicking the “Add to Cart” button and shipping will be calculated.

            • Phone consultation is welcomed if more details need to be discussed and clarified pertaining to your room’s specific needs or regarding any of our products.

          If you have any questions about our Ultimate Acoustic Design Service please send them to  design@ngacoustics.com